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Working Girls

Things have been fairly quiet for the last couple of weeks, other than an occasional check into the hives and refilling their feeders with sugar water at least every other day, if not daily.  All of them seem to be doing well.  We’re 4+ weeks and probably hatching  more than a 1000 workers a day, so the hives are building nicely.

photo (18)

I walked out to get the paper around 7:30 this morning, and other than the birds and our neighbor’s peacocks, it was fairly quiet.  But I heard a buzzing, much like the sound of a swarm.  I finally found it was coming from a large bush (20’ tall’) that we have near the driveway.  Don’t know what kind it is but it’s in full bloom and a BUNCH of bees were feeding heavily on it.  It’s a difficult camera shot from the ground but if you look carefully, you can see a few flying in the upper left.

 working girls 005

And here’s a close-up (telephoto) of one gathering nectar and pollen.  There were literally hundreds if not a few thousand working this bush.

 working girls 009

And around noon, I walked down to change the jar of sugar water and stopped at the garden.  I saw this girl working the sunflower, went down to change the jar, back into the house to get the camera and change the lens and back out.  She was still working the bottom half of the flower!

 working girls 003

I can already tell the bees are very beneficial to the garden.  Lots more veggies than normal this year.  Lots of nicely developed cucumbers already on the vines.


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