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Larvae and Happy Bees!

Just checked today and we have a nicely capped group of frames with some larvae, pollen and egg cells.  Our population will be increasing significantly in the next two weeks!  In the lower left and top center you can see larvae growing in the cells.

I took this one holding the frame and the camera at the same time.  It actually worked!


Again, just a few puffs of smoke and they really didn’t care that I was intruding on their space.  No veil, no gloves. . .

And I saw the first honeybee in the yard / garden yesterday.  They’ve been flying off somewhere else but I’m sure this is one of ours.  These are some onion blooms in the garden boxes.  There’s been honeysuckle 10 feet away from the hive but I haven’t seen any activity there.  Something else is better!


More to come.


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