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Day 5 – Inspecting the Queen Cage

82 Degrees and partly sunny.  The girls were flying well so I decided to check for the Queen’s release.

I put on my veil and gloves just to be safe, but quickly shed them in the heat.  A few puffs of smoke at the entrance and a couple of puffs under the cover also kept the hive busy.  Again, they were very docile.

Pulling the cover showed them working nicely on 4 or 5 of the frames and there was a big section of extra comb in the gap that I poorly left with the frames supporting the queen cage.

Bees Inspecting Queen Cage 017 (640x426)

Pulling the queen cage – Success, it’s empty and clean as a whistle!  I pulled a couple of frames for the camera and the extra comb fell off in the process.  I inspected it for the queen and put it on the front porch.  They’ll take that honey and move it back to the hive.  It’ll be interesting if they take the beeswax . . if not, we’ll use it!

I didn’t find her but saw cells with honey, pollen and eggs so I knew she was busy laying eggs – her only task!

Bees Inspecting Queen Cage 030b

But as we uploaded the pictures, there she is!  Top dead center with the white dot and long black body.  Enlarging the photo, you can see cells with eggs, pollen and honey.  So in 21 days or less we’ll have new workers! (not sure when the queen started laying but it takes 21 days for workers to hatch)

I put the 10th frame back in and  quickly closed up the hive and left them to their work.  Good job, girls!


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