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Day 3, The Last Package and a NEW Beekeeper!

Once I started talking about getting some hives, my good friend Jimmy asked to get him one.  I first thought he just meant for me to put one at his house, but as we got closer, he indicated he was going to take care of them with my help.
Day 3 turned out to be cool (~60) and overcast but we needed to get them in the hive instead of spending more days on the deck.  Fewer pictures in the album ‘Jimmy’s Bees’, but you get the idea.  Check out his pictures by his brave photographer at http://sharrowbaybees.spaces.live.com/
He opened the package, placed the queen, and as he removed the feeder can, the workers quickly indicated they were a little more agitated than the first three VERY docile groups.  He did wear gloves but didn’t have the veil on.  A couple of the girls got tangled in his hair and he got his first sting on the top of his head!
Our audience started retreating for the house and I took over while he went to get his hat/veil.  I got my first sting in 30+ years on the end of my finger.  It didn’t hurt as much as the stick thing they do to get a drop of blood.
As shown in the first picture of the album, his hive has a screen in the bottom board with a grid on a poster board that slides in underneath.  It’s for monitoring (and estimating) the possibility of mites in the hive — something we need to study up on.
We probably should have taken more time and sprayed them a little more with sugar water before removing the can and dumping the box, but otherwise it was a fairly standard installation.  Again, no smoke, and only minor agitation.  Within an hour, they were in the hive and feeding on the sugar water.
We’ll leave them alone for a few days and probably check to be sure the queens are released this Saturday or Sunday.

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