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Two more Packages

Day 2 I helped a long-time friend hive two packages.  He did the work, I got lots of closeup pictures.  Check out ‘Day 2 – A friend’s two more hives’ photo album.
My wife took Saturday’s pictures (with a Telephoto lens!!)   We’re working on her phobia of bees!   She did get within 5′ of the hive when they settled in later in the day.
But here’s the Queen — she’s marked with the dot and is noticably larger (long abdomen) and black –This is a Russian strain.  She’s transported in the Queen cage with a half-dozen workers to take care of her.   The third circle of the cage is filled with sugar candy and there’s a hole in the bottom of the cage with a cork plugging it.  We pop the cork so the worker bees from both sides can eat the candy to free the queen in a few days.
The metal flange at the top allows us to hang the cage between two frames.  The bees in this package get aclimated with this Queen since they came from another hive late last week.  If you released a different Queen without the aclimation time, they would kill her.
Just like Saturday, the bees are extremely docile and very interested in getting settled in their new home.
We did have to improvise a temporary feeder on one of the hives.

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